Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Gettysburg, Philadelphia could see slots changes

by Damon Boughamer
Public Radio Capitol News, serving Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Penna. (PRCN, 16 March 2006) -- The Gettysburg countryside and Philadelphia were singled out by the state House as it passed changes to the gaming law:

Gettysburg, because the House unanimously approved an amendment banning slots parlors from Adams County, where one has been proposed.
Philadelphia, because lawmakers singled out the city as corrupt – too corrupt to site casinos, anyway. Only Philadelphia would be stripped of local zoning authority.

This did not sit well with many Democrats, including House Minority Leader Bill DeWeese.

"I don’t think it will stand judicial overview," DeWeese said. "This was already hurled back at us once. The jurists said that the local entities, the local municipalities, would be involved in the zoning effort."

The bill faces an uncertain future when it is returned to the Senate, which revised the gaming law in several ways but not in these ways.


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